Monday, 7 January 2013

He can heal
I have 1.5 weeks before I go back to work and I'm trying to get ready for it. The only problem is as soon as I start to think about going back I feel worse. I'm not sure at the moment that is the best thing to do. But is being off doing me any good? Not really.

I was outside a minute ago in despair and then realised I don't have to do this alone. So I cried out to God. What amazing peace I have. I was reminded of something a friend wrote to me - "work does not define who I am". So true. Whatever work throws at me next week shouldn't make me feel worse.

I am so thankful for family and friends at the moment. Keep praying guys. I need to get back in community with you.

Again, at the start of a new year I know of a major change that will happen and am so hopeful of another. So here's to improvement on the job front and I know I will be healed from this awful depression - hoping it will be this year.

I have to get work sorted out so I can book a great holiday towards the end of the year. So looking forward to being with the Mowbs again. Only wish it could be right now! At least half of the Mowbs-clan is happy at the mo.

So I have a plan of action. Just need to get on with it. So here's to tidying the house and to starting applying again. Somethings gotta change, and that is me. Just need to make that first step

What is stopping you from moving on?
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