Saturday, 14 April 2012

I was going to ask...
 How long do you think it'll be until the 1000'th visitor reads my blog? Hmm, 59 visits too late, sorry! I was around 900 on my last post earlier in the week so I though I'd have time.

Thank you to my new readers, feel free to leave me comments. I'd like to know who is reading.

I had wondered about changing the title of the blog. After a bit of contemplation realised that every day is a journey and I write about all sorts. So the decision is to leave as it is.

Wednesday, 11 April 2012

I stood at the window
I stood at the window looking out
Yet not seeing -
Have you ever done that?
Look but not registering what you're seeing
My mind elsewhere
I sighed, a long, long sigh
Thoughts flying around my head
All mixed together
Bringing a sense of unease
Yet not knowing why

(C) Caf Mowbray 2011

It's amazing what I find when I'm cleaning my bedroom - getting right under the bed this time. A piece of paper with this written on it. I think I wrote it when Red:Writing started yet got cold feet to go and share. Anyone remember how long ago that was?