Thursday, 30 June 2011

You'll never guess what happened. I'm off on holiday tomorrow - well heading to Luton airport then Serbia Friday morning. For a while now I've been wondering what adventure will happen getting there as quite often something odd happens before, during or after flying. I can safely say that the strangeness has already happened, 24 hours before I fly! 
Oh, what a night. I had a great time at the Redeemer barbeque. It was lovely spending time relaing with people. It was perfect timing. I still have a bit of housework to do and a wee bit more packing of the suitcase left but thought it good to spend time with others - and hey, only one more working day left so a night out is called for!

So I get dropped off home. As soon as I opened the pocket on my bag where my housekeys normally are I felt something was up. I tried not to panic as sometimes I've left them in the bag instead of the pocket. Uh-oh, not in the bag. OK, time to get the mobile out and ring A for my spare key. Bigger uh-oh - I left the mobile on my bed charging. Never mind, A is staying down the road and left before I did so no worries, I'll walk to hers. 
All the way to hers I was trying to work out what I'd do if she wasn't in. I sort of had a plan but prayed I wouldn't need to act on it. Ok, flat rooms are in darkness, no van parked on the road. This probably means she's not in. I tried the buzzer, just in case. Have you ever been in a situation where your head goes into over-drive with "what if's"? I only let a few develop - what if A staying at parents tonight? What if D, housemate, staying at partner's tonight? I waited outside for a while, not sure how long. 
Time was ticking on and had a feeling my keys may be in the back of C's car as my bag fell upside down getting in. I know C is like me and gets to bed as soon as she can if it's later than normal. There was only one other person in the area I could think of - I know her road but not the number of the house - so not much use. I know how annoying it is when someone calls out down my road, didn't think it best to do that now.
So the only other person I could think of was G - who is in the east. Taxi time. I arrived at hers to see all the house in darkness. Oops, she has an early start in the morning. I rang the door bell. It's now around 10:50. Thankfully she heard. Out comes her mobile. We rang 3 people - all mobiles went straight to voicemail. It got to the stage of nothings going to happen tonight so just as well stay over and we'll try something else in the morning.
I'm not sure how long I'd been trying to sleep when I heard G speaking. I was slightly aware and in the distance heard a door knock. I thought I was dreaming then realised why would G knock on another door as it's her place. Aha, must be my door. A had checked her phone and if I could get there within 30 mins she has my spare key.
Back in a taxi. Requested a stop via cash machine. First one we stopped at had been smashed to pieces. Perhaps it didn't give out a receipt! I made it across in time, paid for taxi, picked up spare key, walked back to mine. By this time I'm shattered and I'm not too sure how I managed to keep walking (or even sit here writting). I'm home now, in bed, ready for sleep.
I'll be up early in the morning to finish the housework and more importantly packing!