Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Elephant in the room

What a great start to the New Year. Such a fun lunch with some of the ladies from Redeemer. Thank you for such a fun time. We all contributed to the meal. Lots of fun, food and so much laughter.
Who would have thought a game of True or False would cause so many tears of laughter. There were some classic moments which I had to write down. I know some of the fun was being part of it, in the moment. So perhaps this is just a record for us to remember the moments. There are a couple of scrbook pages that need to be made.
There turned out to be a theme for the game. We learnt a lot of things about elephants.

Did you know:

  • If an elephant dies standing up it can remain standing?
  •  An elephant never forgets?
Lots of different conversations were ongoing around the table and sometimes conversations got mixed up to the entertainment of others. D asked a good question - if an elephant dies standing up how do we know it is dead and not just standing still? Fair question. We continued to play the game while some were pondering this question. One of the question we Google'd was about dog years to human. C read out the answer. G must have started to listen halfway through. Part of the answer was 'take it to the vet who can do a test and tell you'. G said "What? How can you get the elephant to the vets. It won't fit in the car". Oh my, that really tickled me. I was crying with laughter. It's been far too long since I last did that. So much was running through my head.

Another question prompted a story. C started by saying "It's true elephants don't forget". G said "What don't elephants forget?"

I think the laughter started from this...we found some Christmas headwear which was dished out - Santa hats, angel deely boppers. R was playing with a cat toy and looked as if she was fishing. I remembered seeing a hat and thought it'd make a fun photo - life-sized gnome. As the headwear was given out G was given a set of angel deely boppers. She put them on. S took one look at her and said jokingly "I'll never be able to take you seriously again." A few moments passed when G put a hand to the headband and said "Ooo, something is happening". S quickly said in a straight voice "Are you getting a message?". Such a quick and funny thing to say. I don't know if you realised how funny that would be, S. You're a legend.

Even now writing this I'm giggling away. I love moments like these.

What makes you laugh out loud?